Fact-Checking the ‘Ten Sexiest Web Geeks’

Lies and omissions in Nerve.com’s ‘Ten Sexiest Web Geeks’:

10. Lauren Leto’s bio neglects to mention her current company, Bnter, or the fact that it is fun to do drunk.

9. Rachel Sklar is not a founder of Hashable.

8. Nor is Ms. Sklar the world’s cuddliest feminist reporter. That would be Mike Taylor. “The point is not even arguable,” Mr. Taylor said.

7. The piece asserts that “with his sandy blondish locks and tall, lanky frame, Chris Poole is a veritable geek Adonis—a total catch for any gorgeous geekette.” In fact, he’s “as cute and wholesome as a teen idol, with wide green eyes.”

6. The piece neglects to mention Mr. Poole’s start-up, Canv.as.

5. 4chan has a lowercase ‘c.'”

4. The 4chan army is not at Mr. Poole’s every control open-apple command. He’s said that several times.

3. The article neglects to mention that Andrew Mason and Groupon are the N’Sync of websites.

2. Pretty sure some other people helped Soraya Darabi found Foodspotting.

1. TOMS shoes is not a tech company.

Fact-Checking the ‘Ten Sexiest Web Geeks’