First Aid Council opposes proposal on revising certain EMS rules

The N.J. First Aid Council is calling for changes to a bill before the Assembly Monday.

Among changes to A2095, which seeks to revise certain emergency medical service statutes, that the Council wants to see:

The Council wants the definition of a volunteer first-aid unit changed so that volunteer squads are those providing emergency medical services 51 percent of the week, because it can affect how squads have their workers compensation coverage provided.

The Council contends that any squad that is billing for services is not a volunteer squad, according to the federal Highway Traffic Safety Act.

Another section of the bill that concerns the Council would require squads to cover areas outside of their jurisdiction simply because they are available.

The Council states that there has been an increase in dispatchers requesting coverage by volunteer squads, and that while units are willing to assist at written-mutual aid areas, the Council believes that the squads should not be forced to respond just because they have a crew available.

The Council is requesting the bill be held from a vote, or that lawmakers vote no on the bill, and stated the Department of Health and Senior Services is willing to meet with the Council to discuss its concerns.


First Aid Council opposes proposal on revising certain EMS rules