Foster Kamer Named Senior Editor of 'The New York Observer'

Foster Kamer, currently the online news and features editor for Esquire, will join the staff of The New York Observer as a senior editor and Wall Street reporter.

Prior to Esquire, Mr. Kamer reported on media, culture, and breaking news for the Village Voice‘s Runnin’ Scared blog. Earlier still, he was the weekend editor at Gawker and an assistant editor at BlackBook Magazine. He has contributed to ANIMAL New York, The Awl, Gourmet Live, and, exactly once, to The New York Observer, which elicited a number of angry calls from CNN publicists. 

“I’m giddy at the prospect of finally working with Elizabeth Spiers and the rest of The Observer team as they continue filling an important gap in New York’s media climate: an unrelenting curiosity for how power in this city works, who the characters are that hold it, and most importantly, a distinctly fearless voice with which to document it,” Mr. Kamer said. “In short, this is going to be very, very fun.”

“Foster’s enormously talented, and I’m very excited to have him on staff,” said Ms. Spiers. “I look forward to seeing the energy and enthusiasm he’ll bring to the Observer.

“I look forward to my forthcoming AdWeek hit-piece,” Mr. Kamer added.




Foster Kamer Named Senior Editor of 'The New York Observer'