GroupMe Pitched VCs Right Through Their App

Hecht and Martocci

Bonus Update – Hecht says GroupMe is moving out of their shared office and heading to Union Square. Now they can group chat with VCs face to face!

Jared Hecht is on Inc today doing a live chat. He shared a little story about how they raised funds.

He and co-founder Steve Martocci were gearing up for a TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon, and they knew going in what they wanted to build.

The pair ran into First Round Capital’s Charlie O’Donnell and told him flat out, we’re going to solve the problem of group communications in the next 24 hours.

O’Donnell laughed and told them to circle back when they had something to show him.

When Hecht and Martocci finished the app, they didn’t just sit down and explain it to the folks from First Round. They put those VCs in a group and started texting. When it came time for a call, they turned on the conference call feature.

“We were using the product to pitch,” says Hecht, “That really helped to seal the deal.”



  GroupMe Pitched VCs Right Through Their App