Important Quora Query of the Week

Here at Betabeat we’re keeping a close eye on the Q&A space. It’s red hot right now, with Stack Exchange bagging $12 million in new funding, not because they need to, but just because they can. Quora meanwhile is beating off investors with a stick. What kind of stick is best for beating off investors? We’re still waiting for someone to answer our question on that.

We thought it would be fun to select one or two questions each week that demonstrate the value of these sites, which are rapidly expanding to become a knowledge base that future generations of inquisitive minds will be able to draw on.

What better way to debut our series than with a question overworked young entrepreneurs ask themselves each week:



How Does Not Having Frequent Sex In Your Late 20s Affect Your Health and Welfare?

User Subramanyam Pidaparthy steps up to the plate: “Most satisfying sex is always in the early morning say 4 to 6 am and sleep again and get up. Sex – is like food, if you feel hungry – you eat food, a good 4 course meal.  Some will satisfy with just a samosa or tea.  Few would like to have bit more. Some will go and buy from outside, few will steal food. You saw the similarities I hope.”

Absolutely. The similarities between great sex and great food is that we fall asleep immediately after each.

“Sex–not masturbation–will never affect you.  Sex with healthy lady will not cause any problem, MB also not an issue but you will age early–by 40 you look like 60 years old.”

This explains our hairstyle.

“One warning that if you think that (most educated think like that) wasting sperm will make you impotent its wrong. Wasting sperm will not give you male child is also wrong in other words IT will give, particularly when the girl is from town or village. Got it?”

Got it.



  Important Quora Query of the Week