NY Post Editor on Today's NY Times Story: 'Not Even High School Journalism'

On his radio show this morning, New York Post editor Fred Dicker didn’t think much of the New York Times story today on Sheldon Silver:

“Check out a story that’s in The Times today about Speaker Silver and the millionaire’s tax. This is one of the most egregiously flawed stories I’ve ever seen. Here we have Speaker Sheldon Silver, on Sunday and Monday, saying that he realizes that the so-called millionaire’s tax is not going to be reauthorized, that the governor and the senate are against it and that’s just the reality out there. That his conference, fellow Democrats overwhelmingly would like to see it extended, but he recognizes it is not going to happen.

The Times today writes a story saying Speaker says he’s going to push the millionaires tax. It’s going to be in the one-house budget that the Assembly is going to pass in the next couple of weeks because the Assembly Democrats want it. And nowhere in the story does it mention that just two days ago, the Speaker of the Assembly conceded that it’s not going to pass. To call that — it’s not even high school journalism. Such a shame to see. Have a comprehensive, honest story, a fair story, what the heck?”

True, The Times story by Nick Confessore does not raise Silver’s earlier comments. But the thrust of the article–which is that Silver is forging ahead with a tax that is strongly opposed by the governor–is correct. And it is similar to how the story was played in the Wall Street Journal (which shares an owner with the NY Post).

The WSJ doesn’t raise Silver’s earlier comments until paragraph 10, and even then, couches it somewhat gently. They write: “In earlier interviews, Mr. Silver had said he saw little point in pushing for an extension of the tax, given opposition from Mr. Cuomo and Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos.”

NY Post Editor on Today's NY Times Story: 'Not Even High School Journalism'