Jordan Scott 'Cracks' Moviemaking Code

Jordan Scott’s forthcoming debut film, Cracks, is a psychodrama set at an all-girls’ boarding school from which no one may leave-picture a British The Facts of Life with a murderous super-hot lesbian in place of Mrs. Garrett.

Yes, it’s that good.

Ms. Scott cited the The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie as an inspiration. The director, who had never made a feature film before Cracks, pulled together an impressive hodgepodge of backers (Spanish, French, British, and Irish companies, among others), each of which made a small contribution towards the film’s small budget. That way, she said, “it didn’t feel like we’d break anyone’s bank.”

It may have helped that the film’s executive producers included Ms. Scott’s father, Gladiator director Ridley Scott, and her uncle, Unstoppable director Tony Scott. In terms of creative decisions, Ridley minded his own business, for the most part. She added, however, “When he has any advice, you’d be a fool not to listen!”

Cracks features the talents of French actress Eva Green as a bewitching, schoolteacher with a cult of adolescent acolytes. Why take a risk on Ms. Scott, a first-timer, we asked. Flashing her wide eyes, Ms. Green replied that while she loved working with Ms. Scott, her initial attraction had less to do with the director than the role.

“I’m very drawn to fucked-up characters!” she said. :: @DPD_ Jordan Scott 'Cracks' Moviemaking Code