Kean wants sick-leave payout bill posted for vote

Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr., (R-21),  Union, has written to Senate President Stephen Sweeney formally requesting that the Governor’s revisions to S2220, legislation capping unused sick leave payouts to public employees, be posted for a vote at the March 21  voting session. 

Kean said in a release that the legislation provides property tax relief by immediately closing a loophole in state law that allows current public employees to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments for unused sick and vacation time upon retirement.

“Legislation passed by the Majority purporting to end jackpot sick leave payouts  actually allowed the practice to continue for current public employees,” Kean said in a release.

Kean said that revisions to the bill by the governor would end the practice for all employees.

The Assembly version of the bill in question is A3392.

Kean wants sick-leave payout bill posted for vote