Ken Lerer Jumps Into Original Video For the Web

Betabeat has been busy chronicling the boom in companies focused on original series for the web. Now you can add Ken Lerer to the mix.

His newest venture is BedRocket Properties, a video studio/incubator, according to Peter Kafka at Media Memo. The idea is to build out curated verticals that can be sold to distributors.

Dot-com ventures like Pseudo tried and failed to build a network of original content for the web. Now, however, there is an advertising market that can support original web shows that fit in the middle of the pyramid between Youtube’s viral videos and Hulu’s network television.

Networks like have seen their ad revenue explode over the last year and are now paying out six figures to the independent producers of their top properties.

“I think this is the next sweet spot,” Lerer told All Things D. “The distribution is all built out. It just needs to be filled with content. It’s absolutely identical to cable in the 80s.”

Ken Lerer Jumps Into Original Video For the Web