League of Municipalities program to study local policing issues

In light of increased budgetary cutbacks on municipal police forces, the N.J. League of Municipalities will present a forum next Wednesday, March 30, to help towns brainstorm ideas concerning local policing.

The program,  “Local Law Enforcement Strategies: Technology and New Management Models,” will be held at the Bergen County Public Library Safety Operations Center in Mahwah.

There will be a keynote address by Jose Cordero, former director, Law Enforcement Strategy, Office of the Attorney General; and former Directory of Public Safety, East Orange.

Among other things, the program will focus on how budget cutbacks may lead to shared services.

In addition, Bill Dressel, executive director of the League, said he was encouraged by Wednesday’s meeting among Gov. Chris Christie, State Sen. President Steve Sweeney, and Camden County municipal officials concerning regional police force options.

“It’s refreshing to see the state seek partnership with local officials in developing a collaborative process in analyzing the benefits of shared county policing services,’’ Dressel said.

“Seldom have I recognized this kind of attention given to a local government issue, which in fact includes the mayors and all local stakeholders at the start of the process rather than at the final stages.”

Full details and registration forms for next week’s event are available at the NJLM Educational Foundation page www.njlmef.org



League of Municipalities program to study local policing issues