Let’s All Welcome Canv.as to Google Images

Wonder if the Canvas investors at Lerer are eating their own dogfood? The new image-based forum from the maker of 4chan, Canvas, is still in closed beta–you have to request an invite and sign in with Facebook Connect to participate in the remixology. But users can now share the URLs of specific image threads like this one!

Now that they’re public, expect to start seeing these threads pop up in places like 4chan and Reddit.

No word on how many users the image site has, but there are usually just a handful of new images every time Betabeat logs in. Founder Chris Poole has a ready source of users in 4chan, although Canvas is meant to lower the barrier to mememaking entry for potential remixologists who lack Photoshop skillz, and also hopes to keep the quota of anime porn down to a minimum.

Canvas also added a new feature to view the before and after of each remixed image.

Not going to lie; we still don’t get it. Canvas’s lightweight photo editing suite is more complicated and more expensive to host than the hands-off badlands of 4chan, which Mr. Poole is able to pay for with ads for adult websites. We’ll be on the lookout for Canvas-originated content elsewhere on the web. Let’s All Welcome Canv.as to Google Images