Magazzu elected chair of NDCO

Cumberland County Freeholder Lou Magazzu has been elected Chairman of the National Democratic County Officials (NDCO).

Chair of the Cumberland County Democratic Committee, Magazzu in his national role wants to revitalize the NDCO “by improving its organizational, financial and political strength, as well as reaffirming the organization’s close ties with the Democratic National Committee and affiliated Democratic leadership organizations.”

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-Hoboken) celebrated the selection.

“Lou came to me for advice when he led Cumberland County’s long shot and ultimately successful application to obtain a federal empowerment zone designation,” Menendez said. “His leadership and perseverance turned the concept into a reality. Lou has the right blend of intelligence and common sense to understand that good public policy is the best politics.”

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, who has held leadership roles with both the Democratic Governors Association and the National Governors Association, praised the selection.

“I am very happy for Lou. He is a dedicated public servant. His intelligence and refusal to take no for an answer has benefited his constituents’ mightily. He has vision and foresight and will be a great leader for NDCO.”

Magazzu’s said “Democratic county officials have diligently been dealing with problems brought on by the Bush recession. They have also been in the forefront of working with the Obama Administration and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate on presenting practical solutions to the economic downturn.” Magazzu hopes to highlight the successes and practical ideas implemented by County Democrats throughout the nation.

Magazzu elected chair of NDCO