Mary Pat Christie promotes campaign to draw awareness to autism

TRENTON – First Lady Mary Pat Christie said in a release that Drumthwacket in Princeton will be lighted for the month of April to draw awareness to Autism Awareness Month.

Autism is a new initiative undertaken by Mrs. Christie. Throughout April, she will highlight work being done by organizations in New Jersey to serve people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and to bring greater understanding of the developmental disability.

“New Jersey outpaces other states when it comes to children diagnosed with autism,” she said in a release. “As more families become affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, it’s important to show our support by promoting increased awareness of the issue.”

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a broad group of disorders that vary from mild to severe and are characterized by difficulty with social interaction, communication, severely limited interests and repetitive behaviors. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it is estimated that autism occurs in 1 out of every 110 births nationwide. In New Jersey, the prevalence rate is reported to be 1 in 94.

Prominent buildings across the United States, including the Empire State Building, are participating in the Light It Up Blue campaign and will turn their lights blue on April 1 to promote autism awareness as well as on April 2 to commemorate World Autism Day. 

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