Matthew Rothenberg Leaves Flickr For

Image from @joshuanguyen

When Matthew Rothenberg announced his departure from photo service Flickr earlier this week many read it as just another sign of Yahoo’s downward spiral.

But today news broke that Rothenberg is headed to betaworks where he will join the team at fast growing link shortner

According to the farewell post he penned, Rothenberg’s departure was a matter of the heart. “Against all odds (and in the oddest of places), I have met someone who having a future with is more important to me than any job could ever be. Leaving Flickr behind will allow me to focus more passionately on investing in a future with her.”

So is New York this strange local? Or is betaworks perhaps the apple of his eye? is increasingly becoming the engine behind more consumer facing services, like the upcoming project, so having an experienced product lead like Rothenberg with a knack for social seems like a strong fit.


Matthew Rothenberg Leaves Flickr For