Mayor Bloomberg Has More Than One Budget Mailer

A Democratic female reader in Brooklyn, who is African-American, says she got this mailer from Michael Bloomberg today. It’s slightly different than the one Anna Sale of WNYC got her hands on.

Differences include images and slogans used on the front of the mailers, and the priorities stated on the back.

The one from Anna Sale says Bloomberg is:

Holding the line on taxes.

Fighting for new jobs in every borough.

Protecting vital services like police and fire that keep our neighborhoods safe.

The one I found says:

Nearly $2 billion more for our schools while working to keep the best teachers in the classroom.

Continuing to invest in critical job creation projects in all five boroughs.

Maintaining the social safety net and protecting police and fire services in every neighborhood.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with tailoring a message about a complex issue, like a budget, for different audiences. But the variety does say something about the size and scope of the effort currently underway.

Mayor Bloomberg Has More Than One Budget Mailer