McCabe gets in the race for Middlesex Dem chair, setting up McCabe v. Barnes

Kevin P. McCabe, former Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development and former Chairman of the Woodbridge Democratic Organization, today announced that he is seeking the support of the Middlesex County Committeemen and women to be the next Chairman of the Middlesex County Democratic Organization.

“I am running because we need to restore ethics and integrity to our Party,” said McCabe, who is corporate relations director for the NJ Regional Council of Carpenters. “Our Party needs leadership that will provide a new vision, energy and work ethic to produce better results from the local ticket to statewide elections.

“We are at a critical juncture as an organization that will determine the long term planning and success of the County Democratic Party. To accomplish our goals, we need to begin to reinvest and improve the Party’s infrastructure, starting with modernization of our IT capability and a recommitment to work with the local Democratic organization.” McCabe said. “Our greatest resource is the individual who serves as a local County Committeeman and woman.  I want to engage our local leaders and grassroots, so that they are once again vested in helping to rebuild the Party. It is the grassroots who will ensure that we are better prepared for a Democratic victory, not only this November, but for Novembers to come.”

Former Assemblyman Peter Barnes last week announced his candidacy for a chairmanship make vacant by the resignation earlier this month of former Middlesex County Sheriff Joe Spicuzzo, who’s up on state corruption charges.

“I look forward to sharing my vision for the Party by going door to door and speaking directly with the local leadership and individual county committee members over the next several weeks,” McCabe said. “I recognize that it is the County Committee member who ultimately decides the leadership of the County Party and I take that very seriously.”

McCabe gets in the race for Middlesex Dem chair, setting up McCabe v. Barnes