Medicaid demonstration project bill released by Assembly committee

Medicaid demonstration project bill released by  Assembly committee


A bill to launch Medicaid demonstration projects designed to improve care for some of the neediest patients – A3636 – cleared the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee on Monday with amendments.

Its companion in the Senate – S2443 – cleared that chamber’s Budget Committee Thursday on a party-line vote.

Senate Republicans were concerned the concept will interfere with federal health care reforms.

In addition, an analysis done by the Office of Legislative Services concluded there is no way to assess the program’s cost because there are too many variables.

“Though the provisions of the bill suggest that the demonstration project will reduce overall Medicaid expenditures, there is insufficient information available to assess whether any savings will be realized,’’ OLS stated.

“It will take at least two years before sufficient financial and utilization data are available to determine the cost savings/expenditure impact of this project.”

The so-called three-year Medicaid Accountable Care Organization Demonstration Project would be set up in the Department of Human Services, and would be designed to assist the most vulnerable people, including the elderly, blind, or disabled who are not enrolled in a managed-care program.

  Medicaid demonstration project bill released by  Assembly committee