Morning Links: At the Salad Bar With Nate Silver

Two Agence France-Presse journalists, Dave Clark and Roberto Schmidt, and a Getty Images photographer, Joe Raedle, have been missing since Saturday morning in Libya while working in the eastern Tobruk region. The four Times reporters will be released Friday have been released. [Agence France-Presse]

Disney is launching a subscription magazine business for children, with titles pegged to television shows and movies. Maybe this not the best medium through which to reach the first generation of iPad natives (and addicts!). [Media Decoder]

Thrillist is an e-mail newsletter and e-commerce company founded by Kenneth Lerer’s son Ben Lerer. Thrillist doesn’t care about church and state (“so old media”), uses adjectives like “insane” and “sick” and “has had a female writer, but she left the company.” [New York Times]

Statistics savant Nate Silver’s first Times Mag column ran. He calculated the most cost-efficient salad at the Whole Foods pay-by-weight salad bar. [Times Mag]

Low-rated movie channel Reelz is shooting the moon with the very expensive ‘The Kennedys’ biopic series, which the History Channel dropped after filmmakers and historians called leaked scripts “character assassination.” [Wall Street Journal]

Here’s a chart to help you gauge your relative outrage over the New York Times paywall. [PaidContent]

Congressman Anthony Weiner tried to do the Car Talk Boston accent while berating the GOP for voting to defund NPR. [Empire WNYC] :: @kstoeffe


  Morning Links: At the Salad Bar With Nate Silver