Morning Links: Expensive Film and Cheap Champagne

Since the tsunami, there have been signs of a master tape panic in Hollywood. Prices of the Japan-manufactured film are creeping up, but there’s no shortage. [Media Decoder]

Former Times writer Allen Salkin made light of the bleak AOL freelancers conference call by giving a shout out to former Post writer and alleged extortionist Jared Stern, who is also freelancing for AOL. [WWD]

A Manhattan judge ruled that Google may not build a universal library yet, although he liked the idea. [AP]

The Atlantic mysteriously pulled an article that illuminated Jay-Z’s champagne company rip off. We know how this one ends.  [Fishbowl NY]

The Financial Times website will be pink, to match its paper stock. What a good idea… [New Media Age]

Tom McGeveran eloquently calls bullshit on Arianna Huffington’s entire existence. It’s spectacular. [Capital NY] :: @kstoeffel

Morning Links: Expensive Film and Cheap Champagne