Morning Links: Still Anglocentric After All These Years

Beginning April 22, we’ll have to avoid all televisions. American news channels, entertainment channels and even The Weather Channel are gearing up for a week of on-the-ground coverage of the royal wedding, which is a, what, half hour event? The good news is that there will almost definitely be a revolution and/or natural disaster occurring simultaneously. [WWD]

Acronym time: NBC Nightly News reported on OMG entering the OED, but not that parent company GE paid zero taxes (to the IRS). [WaPo]

Ben Sherwood–the new ABC News chief, sappy bestseller author, subject of what may be the meanest profile in the history of journalism–replaced anchor Juju Chang on Good Morning America with Josh Elliott from SportsCenter. He’s also added Lara Spencer and Daniel “dan abrams” Abrams. (More on this below)  [Decoder]

2.5%* of iPad owners have sampled Rupert Murdoch’s Daily. [Forbes]

HuffPo co-founder Jonah Peretti said publishers are distracted by SEO. If they want their content to go viral need to stop thinking about it as “information to get into people’s heads” and more as “an excuse for social action.” [Venture Beat]

The last time we felt that viral urge to tweet, retweet, “like”, and reblog was just yesterday afternoon, when Mediaite owner Dan Abrams accidentally tweeted his own name (it seems likely he meant to search for it and used the wrong box). The media-obsessives table in the Twitter cafeteria blew into a giddy roll call.

*Based on unconfirmed speculation. @kstoeffel

Morning Links: Still Anglocentric After All These Years