Morning Links: Trumped Up Girl Fight Monday!

In New York Times executive editor Bill Keller’s weekly defense of the journalism, he quotes former Timesman Peter Goodman (who now works for The Huffington Post) out of context. [NYT picker]

Long live longform! The self-disappeared Evan Ratliff’s tablet journalism project, The Atavist, sounds like a good place for killed magazine pieces. [New York Times]

How to turn a placid breakfast interview into an all-out catfight: Tina Brown calls Arianna Huffington “one of her best girlfriends.” But it’s sexist that people compare the two of them just because “everyone likes girl-on-girl action.” That said, she would never do anything so arrogant, as say, name a publication after herself. “I did not want my name to be the name on the website and you know why? I think that websites called after the person running it somehow minimises the staff working for them. I wanted to attract the very best writers and it wasn’t about me. It wasn’t an extension of myself.” Meow or whatever. [The Guardian]

TV news companies have alredy spent entire annual budgets covering the Middle East revolutions nad the disaster in Japan. No one said the apocalypse would be cheap. [The Wrap]

Former Radar chief Maer Roshan has launched an addiction and rehab site called The Fix. [WWD]

Morning Links: Trumped Up Girl Fight Monday!