Morning Read: A Well-Connected Lawsuit and Contentious St. Pat's Parade


Cuomo and Dicker: Looking at their relationship. [David King]

Violent Footage: From inside four state prisons. [Nick Confessore]

NY-26: Corwin says she never employed an undocumented worker. [Buffalo News]

Peter King’s Hearing: Shouldn’t focus on Islam, say the editors. [NYT]

Peter King’s Hearing: “The government has no business examining any peaceful religious group because a handful of adherents have broken the law.” [Richard Cohen]

Peter King’s Hearing: Let parents of American Muslim soldiers testify. [Michael Daly]

Redistricting: Democrats move to get Cuomo’s bill a public hearing. [Casey Seiler]

Scheduling Cuomo: Now, he’ll met Archbishop Dolan, at the Mansion. [Ken Lovett]

Scheduling Cuomo: “Mr. Cuomo called Archbishop Dolan last week to stress that he meant no offense by declining their request.” [Thomas Kaplan]

Consolidating Albany: Some grumblings about Cuomo’s plans. [Rick Karlin]

Parades: “[The Young Democrats] chose to bring gays into the march with them. That went against the regulations of the parade.” [NYP]

Parades: Bloomberg says he got a good reception from most people. [Adam Lisberg]

Parades: Sliwa says Bloomberg can expect more unfriendly receptions. [Fox]

Schools: Another UFT ad hits Bloomberg. [Liz B]

Schools: “I find no evidence that teacher incentives increase student performance” says Harvard economist. [NYP]

School Funding: City aims to take 30 percent, no longer 50 percent, of principal surplus. [Yoav Gonen]

Schools: “[T]he report indicates that the district is one of the school systems with mayoral control that failed to devise an adequate accountability system to evaluate the effectiveness of reforms undertaken under the administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg.” [Valerie Strauss]

Schools: Proposing longer days, short summers. [Yoav Gonen]

Closing Firehouses: Uses LMDC surplus to prevent FDNY cuts. [Bob McManus]

Living Wage: Council hearing set for some time in April. [Erin Einhorn]

Banks: Plans to rank them in NYC based on “their community involvement. [WSJ]

Business Subsidies: End them in NY, especially the one in Saratoga Springs. [Bill Hammond]

Taxing Out-of-Towners: Another NJ/NJ case. [WSJ]

Staffing Christie: Plants a former Palin press aide at the Port Authority. [Page Six]

Crime: Rising in NYC parks. [NYP]

Police: Editors question the six-figure salary for a state police liaison to the Jewish community. [Times Union]

Bike Lanes: A lawsuit. [Erin Dunkin]

Bike Lanes: Lawsuit by “Well-connected New Yorkers…accuses the Transportation Department of misleading residents about the benefits of the lane, cherry-picking statistics on safety improvements and collaborating with bicycle activists to quash community opposition.” [NYT]

Immigration: Steve Levy “plans to introduce legislation Tuesday to require county contractors to verify the immigration status of all new employees.” [Newsday]

Tina Brown’s Summit: Bill and Hillary and Gillibrand among the attendees. [Page Six]

Buffalo: The only woman and only African-American on local legislature is leaving in order to move south with her parents. [Buffalo News]

Party: “Citymeals-on-Wheels gala was ‘utterly oversold,’ making it challenging to find a seat for one of the last-minute attendees: Mayor Bloomberg.” [WSJ]

  Morning Read: A Well-Connected Lawsuit and Contentious St. Pat's Parade