Morning Read: Andrew Cuomo Holds Up, Steve Levy Falls Down

Steve Levy: Questions about fund-raising; steered public contracts to a friend. [Ken Lovett and Celeste Katz]

Steve Levy: “The murky facts surrounding Mr. Levy’s departure came in stark contrast to his squeaky clean reputation.” [David Halbfinger]

Steve Levy: What exactly did he do? How can he govern with so many questions unanswered? [Joye Brown]

Steve Levy: His life; first elected to office at 25. [Jennifer Smith]

Steve Levy: His Facebook page is drawing comments. [Facebook]

Census: Rep. Higgins lost 25,900 people; Rep. Slughter lost 42,522, the most in NYS. [Phil Fairbanks]

Census: Two seats may be lost; each district would hld 717,707 people, up from 654,360 people. [Rick Karlin]

Census: 8,175,100 people in NYC; 2.1 percent jump smaller than expected; African-Americans dropped by 5 percent. [WSJ]

Census: Bloomberg said it’s “Inconceivable” Queens grew only by 1,343 people since 2002. [Sam Roberts]

Census: “When three boroughs go up dramatically, and the two most populous boroughs don’t, something’s wrong” says Bloomberg. [Daily News]

Census: Buffalo lost 31,338 people, a 10 percent drop. [Buffalo News]

Census: 2,832,882 people on Long Island; Hispanics fastest growing group. [Newsday]

Pensions: Editors warn, “Unless New York City gets relief, the spiraling pension burden will cripple the city’s finances for years to come.” [New York Times]

Labor: “[R]ight here in New York, people are struggling in working conditions not much safer or fairer than the sweatshops of 1911.” [Eric Schneiderman]

Medical Malpractice: “[C]autionary evidence” a cap produces savings. [Thomas Kaplan]

State Budget: “Could it be? An early state budget deal? [Brendan Scott]

State Budget: “Cuomo administration source…insisted that key fights over school aid, health care funding and prison closures remain unresolved.” [Brendan Scott and Fred Dicker]

State Budget: Editors concerned about Cuomo’s tactics; note he’s “broken” his no new taxes pledge. [Times Union]

State Budget: ” Andrew Cuomo is within striking distance of a budget deal with lawmakers.” [Jacob Gershman]

State Budget: The Legislature is on the verge of a modern miracle: an early deal for an on-time state budget. [Ken Lovett and Glenn Blain]

State Budget: Skelos and Silver, vaguely, claim a budget deal is close; Cuomo doesn’t talk. [Tom Precious]

State Budget: Skelos is “very optimistic.” Silver only “cautiously optimistic.” [Jimmy Vielkind]

Foreclosure: Editors criticize Councilman Sanders for his expensive home loan. [Daily News]

Financing: Yankee garages not doing well. [Juan Gonzalez]

Cartoons: Silver, the steamroller. [John de Rosier] Morning Read: Andrew Cuomo Holds Up, Steve Levy Falls Down