Morning Read: Another Bus Crashes, Another Probe Launched

Carl Kruger: Back in Albany. [Times Union]

Corruption: Gillibrand and Schumer dump money given by Carl Kruger. [Devlin Barrett]

Japan: Nuclear conerns. [Helen Kennedy]

Indian Point: “[I]f the folks who built the plant had searched the whole region, they could not have found a worse spot.” [Michael Daly]

John Haggerty: Is in court today. [AP]

2013: “It may be time for a labor leader” says Greg Floyd, who floats his name. [Adam Lisberg]

Labor: “[Cuomo’s] goal is to rally public support for givebacks and create what one expert calls benefit envy.” [Phil Fairbanks]

NY26: Davis’ spokesman says his boss’s comments “may not be politically correct and…may not be racially correct.” [Jerry Zremski]

Bus Crash: Another one. [Barry Paddock]

Bus Crash: Cuomo wants a state probe. [AP]

Campaign Debt: NY Post picks up news of Paladino’s trouble. [Brendan Scott]

LIFO: New bill accelerates timetable for teacher evaluations. [NY1]

Redistricting: GOP advances a bill…for 2022. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Redistricting: Assemblyman McEneny has a company that helps draw lines. [Rick Karlin]

Taxes: Bloomberg likes them low. [NY Post]

Pensions: Liu takes business away from Blackstone after comments made by an executive. [NY Post]

Albany Ethics: “Billy Easton called on Cuomo to disclose donors funding the governor’s efforts in support of his budget.” [Ken Lovett]

Albany Ethics: “The attention needs to be on the private efforts by lawmakers to influence the executive branch on awarding state contracts. That’s perhaps a dull reform if you’re trying to impress voters, but it’s the crux of most of the recent corruption cases.” [Michael Gormley]

Guns: An anti-Bloomberg bus heads to LA. [CCRKBA]

Term Limits: A call for Kingston lawmakers to serve three 4-year terms. [Daily Freeman]

SUNY Albany: Still classy. [Times Union]

Opinion: Abusing disabled New Yorkers worse than philandering governors and bribe-taking legislators. [Bill Hammond]

Opinion: “One has to wonder where the governor’s priorities lie.” [John Petro]

Opinion: “Democrats…appear to have taken a big dose of incompetence along with their corruption.” [North Country Public Radio]

NPR: “time for our government to get out of the business of funding NPR.” [Juan Williams]

Morning Read: Another Bus Crashes, Another Probe Launched