Morning Read: Attacks in Libya, Budget Fight in Albany

Libya: Allies deny report civilians were killed. [NYT]

Libya: Not helping Obama with his domestic agenda. [Jeff Zeleny]

Libya: Why not remove Khadafy? [Mike Lupica]

Libya: “Obama administration has delivered a clinic in the liberal way of war.” [Ross Douthat]

NJ: Christie does things that may be unpopular locally, but appealing nationally. [Bob Jordan]

State Budget: $2.6 million spent defending Cuomo’s plan. [Jimmy Vielkind]

State Budget: Administration source tells Fred Dicker “Shelly’s vision doesn’t extend beyond his conference and the people who give him the money to keep his conference in power.” [NY Post]

State Budget: Dean Skelos’ op-ed. [Buffalo News]

LIFO: “Bloomberg is in such a hurry to do away with seniority protections that he can’t really answer how he’d go about determining which 4,600 or so teachers might have to be laid off in New York City this year due to budget cuts.” [Times Union]

Medical Malpractice: GOP State Senator DeFrancisco may have a conflict. [Carl Campanile]

Taxes: Editors urge Cuomo to do more than stop the ‘tax the rich’ plans. [WSJ]

Rent NYC: Landlord group open to hiking $2,000 rent deregulation limit. [Eliot Brown]

Parking NYC: Allow it by broken hydrants, says Greenfield. [Sally Goldenberg and David Seifman]

City Council: Inez Dickens owns troubled property. [Barbara Ross and Tina More]

City Council: Four Council members get tax breaks for claiming property outside their districts as their primary residence. [Daily News]

City Council: Ruben Wills apologized for not addressing decade-old arrest warrant. [Javier Hernandez]

Privatization NYC: Deputy Mayor Goldsmith’s plan. [Adam Lisberg]

Waterfronts: The Staten Island perspective. [SI Advance]

Drugs: Rep. Grimm wants an on-line database for prescription drugs. [John Annese]

Buffalo: Mayor wants to stay; turned down Cuomo job. [Bob McCarthy]

Local News: Jay Rosen not impressed after chat with Patch editor. [Twitter]

Pets: Get to know them, says Ruben Diaz Sr. [Candice Giove]

Embarrassments: “SUNY Albany cancels Fountain Day after street riots” [AP]

Morning Read: Attacks in Libya, Budget Fight in Albany