Morning Read: Bloomberg Marches in Parades, Peter King Targeted

Parade Politics: “[P]arade organizers and police swarmed the group…when it started marching wearing rainbow pins.” [Daily News]

Parade Reception: Cat calls, explicates, rude hand gestures. [NYT]

Parade Protection: On Staten Island, “[Bloomberg] marched with popular Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and the beloved PS 22 Chorus of Graniteville.” [SI Advance]

LIFO: “[T]ossing of the seniority system is absurd on its face.” [Fred LeBrun]

LIFO: Michelle Rhee, Joel Klein and others urge Cuomo to fix his legislation. [NYP]

LIFO: Start reforms sooner, weigh student performance “most heavily” and limit appeal time. [NYT]

LIFO: “Senate Majority Leader John Sampson voted nay despite the nine schools in his district that could lose at least a fifth of their teachers under Mayor Bloomberg’s worst-case scenario.” [NYP]

Michael Bloomberg: “We all live in a world where we get judged — or most of us do — judged subjectively.” [NYP]

Schools: “Even gym teachers score six figures.” [NYP]

Schools: “City schools are already down 135 arts teachers…Now an additional 356 arts teachers risk pink slips.” [Daily News]

Schools: Problems with how NYC rates teachers. [NYT]

Education: “[Q]uite a lot of white-collar work currently carried out by well-educated, relatively well-paid workers may soon be computerized.” [Krugman]

Unions: “Cuomo’s high-profile confrontation last week with Bloomberg over the controversial ‘last in, first out’ protection for underperforming teachers has significantly boosted the governor’s standing with the unions, key labor leaders say.” [Fred Dicker]

Opposing Rep. King: Mike Tyson, Kim Kardashian and Russell Simmons. [Daily News]

Rep. King: “I don’t believe there is sufficient cooperation” from Muslims in fighting terrorism. [Daily News]

Rep. King: Dined with Bloomberg on Saturday, target of rally on Sunday. [WSJ]

2012: Giuliani doesn’t make George Will’s cut. [NYP]

Elections: “It was not too rare to have an employee assigned to alphabetizing voter-registration cards and be functionally illiterate.” [Seifman]

SI GOP: Detailed in-fighting. [Wrobleski]

Media: “Since August…Beck has lost over a third of his audience on Fox.” [David Carr]

Albany: Cuomo may win, or may be defeated like Pataki, Spitzer, Paterson, et al. [Bill Hammond]

Albany: Cuomo’s “defying expectations.” [Michael Goodwin]

Abortion NYC: Questions about a new City Council bill heading to Bloomberg’s desk. [Daily News]

Bikes: More lanes slated for Cobble Hill. [NYP]

Bikes: To fire Sadik-Khan, editors say, wink wink, keep her. [NYP]

Eminent Domain: Richard Lipsky opposes it in Queens, but supports it in Brooklyn. [Adam Lisberg]

Mandate Relief: The editors want to see Cuomo move on that. [NYP]

Unions: CLC’s Ahern ties Triangle Shirtwaist tragedy to current labor fight. [Celeste Katz]

Albany Alliances: “What angered her most is how some suggested that her relationship with Klein was the reason that Ms. Savino joined him in a group that broke away from the main Democratic caucus.” [SI Advance]

Real Estate: Problems with properties owned by Carl Paladino. [Buffalo News]

Live-chat: Journo discusses problems with Paladino’s property, at 1 p.m. [Buffalo News]

Blogs: Hello. [David Brooks] Morning Read: Bloomberg Marches in Parades, Peter King Targeted