Morning Read: Bloomberg Tries Marching in a Parade

NY26: Green Party candidate is Ian L. Murphy, who punched Wisconsin’s governor. [Jill Terreri]

Hillary Clinton: Anonymous source explains why she’s leaving. [S.A. Miller]

Insulting Bloomberg: “Sporadic boos and catcalls greeted the mayor.” [David Seifman]

Unhappy with Bloomberg: Some paradegoers, without signs, don’t like Bloomberg. [Sam Dolnick]

Medicaid Redesign: Editors are concerned with Cuomo’s plan to cap medical malpractice. [Times Union]

Teacher Layoffs: Questioning Bloomberg’s call for needing 4,600 pink slips. [NY Times]

Teacher Layoffs: Editors warn Cuomo not to back down; “seems to have caught Albany pol disease.” [NY Post]

Senior Centers: A week before one in Queens opened, city officials announced they’d close it. [Joe Anuta]

Deutsche Bank: Victim’s father boycotts trial because DA isn’t prosecuting city or construction officials. [Melissa Grace]

Bloomberg Gaffes: The mayor apologized to his counterpart in Buffalo. [Lou Michel]

Bloomberg Gaffes: Clyde Haberman wonders why Bloomberg’s graffes don’t appear on Twitter. [NY Times]

2012: Trump, a birther, says he’s really, really serious. [Aliyah Shahid]

Long Shots: Photog rules out a run for Collar City mayor. [Times Union] Morning Read: Bloomberg Tries Marching in a Parade