Morning Read: Cuomo Looks for Closure, Bloomberg Looks Less Popular

Earmarks: “[L]awmakers still have a way to get their favorite projects funded: appealing directly to federal agencies. [Ray Hernandez]

Database: Empire Center publishes 2010 state payroll. [Manhattan Institute]

Egypt: Footage of Hillary Clinton in Tahrir Square. [Daily News, Reuters]

Nuclear: Cuomo says of Indian Point, “It should be closed. This plant in this proximity to the city was never a good risk.” [Daily News]

Nuclear: Editors say it’s pandering; not a good idea. [NY Post]

Obama’s Harlem Fund-Raiser: Unclear if Rangel will attend. [Daily News]

Gun Control: Editors want “muscular White House leadership” on the issue. [NYT]

Clinton’s Office: Last paragraph reminds us that Harlem wasn’t Bill Clinton’s first choice; more like his third. [NYT]

Same-Sex Marriage: After meeting Cuomo, activist says, “He’s going to work on it and his team is going to work on it as soon as they get the budget done.” [Paul Schindler]

Bloomberg’s Popularity: GOP pollster says “It’s almost like he’s been very detached this last term.” [amNew York]

Bloomberg’s Popularity: “The snow may have melted but the cold feelings linger.” [Adam Lisberg]

Bloomberg’s Popularity: Spokesman Loeser explains, “The mayor is making tough choices in a difficult time, which is what people elected him to do.” [Michael Saul]

Bloomberg’s Insult of Buffalo: “How can a man who is so educated, so worldly, so wealthy be so parochial?” asks Buffalo Council president David Francyk. [Buffalo News]

State Budget: Cuomo resisting tax on those making over $1 million; Assembly still pushing. [Jimmy Vielkind]

State Budget: Another likely impasse is UB2020; Skelos says it’s a priority; Assembly resists. [Tom Precious]

Nassau Budget: “That plan includes $50.5 million in labor savings from layoffs, attrition and the elimination of vacant positions as part of $121 million in spending cuts that Mangano expects to put in place by July.” [Celeste Hadrick]

Abortion NYC: “[T]he mayor said he has a clear conscience in signing it. He stopped short of saying whether he thought the law would survive a legal challenge. [Michael Saul]

Prison Closures: GOP concerned about jobs; Assembly wants them relocated. [Rick Karlin]

Opinion: Mort Zuckerman says “Why are all the vital signs discouraging? Quite simply, it is because households are still carrying far too much debt.” [WSJ]

Christine Quinn: Very Irish. [Cindy Adams]

David Koch: Very protected. [Page Six]

Albany Rioting: Police want students to turn themselves in. [Times Union]

Pictures: Head shots of students involved in Albany rioting; cops want them identified. [Times Union]

Morning Read: Cuomo Looks for Closure, Bloomberg Looks Less Popular