Morning Read: Cuomo Plots a Same-Sex Marriage Push, NYC GOP Wants to Trim Matching Funds


Same-Sex Marriage: Cuomo meets with key allies. [Barbaro]

Same-Sex Marriage: “There they go again forgetting the grassroots, which they will need,” says Marriage Equality New York spokesman, on Cuomo’s coalition. [Gay City News]

Marriage: More on transgender couples getting marriage licenses. [NYP]

LGBT Middle East: Should LGBT support another flotilla to Gaza? [Gay City News]

Laying Off Teachers: “Adherence to rigid union rules such as LIFO and tenure protection does little to advance the interests of school children.” [Michael Benjamin]

Peter King Hearings: “King must keep his inquiry to the facts. If he does, the hearings will contribute to the country’s understanding of a grave threat. [Daily News]

Peter King Hearings: A Ground Zero chaplain says King isn’t scrutinizing the Irish community for terrorism. [Daily News]

Matching Funds: Trim it, from 6:1, in order to plug city’s budget hole. [Goldenberg]

Living Wage: “[I]t’s up to Quinn to make sure this anti-job foolishness doesn’t get too far.” [NYP]

Democrats: “The party support for its Democratic governor comes as Democrats in the Legislature are lining up to oppose some of his programs.” [Vielkind]

Redistricting: GOP blocks Dems plans for a public hearing. [Casey Seiler]

Redesigning Medicaid: Complain says Cuomo’s pal and other officials personally benefit from program’s modifications. [Lovett]

Fighting Cuomo: “Cuomo prepared to spend millions of dollars of his own campaign funds to counteract an expected barrage of attack ads – but they have not materialized. [Lovett]

Cuomo and Dolan: Didn’t discuss the governor’s cohabitation. [Blain]

Judging Independence: “[S]omething doesn’t smell right,” a judge says about how the party handled the mayor’s money. [Seifman]

Judging Independence: “Nothing here suggests anybody was watching the store.” [NYT]

Judging Independence: “There was nothing to suspect that ballot security wasn’t done at that time,” said the party’s state chairman. [WSJ]

Guns: Bloomberg gets a letter from “Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.” [Grendel Report]

Schools: Looking to expand Hewbrew language charter schools. [Tablet]

Bikes: How the Times covers the bike lane lawsuit. [Guardian]

911: Changing software now will delay Bloomberg’s plans for a major upgrade. [Crain’s]


Morning Read: Cuomo Plots a Same-Sex Marriage Push, NYC GOP Wants to Trim Matching Funds