Morning Read: Cuomo Rattles His Saber, Cyclists Get an Apology

Libya: How Qaddafi built a fortune. [NY Times]

Libya: “I am gravely concerned about the U.S. involvement in Libya.” [Charlie Rangel]

Nuclear: Closing Indian Point would mean trouble for NY’s energy needs. [Devlin Barrett]

Immigration: Bill Perkins introduces a NYS version of the Dream Act. [Kirk Semple]

Same-Sex Marriage: Human Rights Coalition raises money for friendly Republicans, a signal to legislators in Albany. [Page Six]

2013: “Strong Clinton ties could help Weiner stand out in a crowded 2013 Democratic mayoral primary.” [Richard Sisk]

NYC Employees: Deputy Mayor Goldsmith writes “I have concluded that much of the solution lies not in more outsourcing to the private sector, but rather in employing city workers to perform more of our IT work.” [Daily News]

State Budget: “The budget negotiations were going so well, legislative leaders said. And then Gov. Andrew Cuomo decided to rattle his saber.” [Jimmy Vielkind]

State Budget: Rent regulations are a major sticking point; grumbling of a government shudtown. [Brendan Scott and Fred Dicker]

Bikes: The “Police Department sent officers on Tuesday night to the homes of most of the 10 cyclists given tickets to revoke the citations and apologize.” [Joseph Goldstein]

Privileges: Rabbi getting six-figure salary for his work with state police has “special plates” on his personal car; accused of “abusing his law enforcement credentials and pulling people over.” [Brendan Lyons]

Criticizing Bloomberg: “Ten years and look around. What has he done for Staten Island? Nothing. I can’t think of a single thing,” said former SI borough president Guy Molinari. [Judy Randall]

Crimes: Two former ACS workers indicted in abuse case. [Daily News]

Media: NPR’s Steve Inskeep writes “the recent tempests over “perceived bias” have nothing to do with what NPR puts on the air.” [WSJ]

Food: Meet the “prison bakers.” [WSJ] Morning Read: Cuomo Rattles His Saber, Cyclists Get an Apology