Morning Read: Cuomo Sees a 'Transformational' Budget, Others See 'Pandemonium'

Obama’s Donors: Jay Jacobs and his wife; Rangel was there but didn’t pay. [Page Six]

State Budget: “[H]istoric and transformational” says Cuomo. [AP]

State Budget: “[P]andemonium.” “At times, legislators did not seem entirely sure about what they were voting on.” [Thomas Kaplan]

State Budget: “[T]he most secretive part — individual school district aid levels — was not made public until just before 9 p.m.” [Tom Precious]

State Budget: “New York’s Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo restored $51 million to New York City schools, $45 million to Long Island schools and $134 million to upstate schools.” [AP]

State Budget: “The restorations in general represent a small fraction of what is going to be an extremely painful cut” said Bloomberg spokesman Micah Lasher.

State Budget: Editors say “the ‘cuts’ Bloomberg complains about involve trivial sums relative to the city’s overall budget.” [New York Post]

INYMI: The mayor complains the budget doesn’t relieve the city of financial burdens. [Michael Bloomberg]

State Budget: Limited debate. [Yancey Roy]

State Budget: In 1982, the budget was $25,9 billion. In 2011, its $132.5 billion. [AP]

Albany Protests: Pizza for protesters blocked by police; Perkins and Sampsons negotiate a solution. [Stephanie Lee]

2013: Vallone eyes “Queens-wide run.” Celebrates 50th birthday today. [Lisa Colangelo]

Economic Development: “[O]ne of the most important economic development goals for the city right now” is Hunts Point Terminal Produce Cooperative, which is eyeing a move. [Sumathi Reddy]

Pedro Espada: Still in charge of Soundview. [Jacob Gershman]

Party Fights: Rochester WFP spokesman says “(Democratic) Party continues to cater to privilege, the rich and the corporations.” [Brian Sharp]

Redistricting: Editors call Skelos “sleazy.” [Daily News]

9/11: Medical examiner probes whether former cop died of 9/11-related problems. [Anemona Hartocollis]

9/11: “Bloomberg should have attended fallen 9/11 officer’s funeral,” is the headline. [Michael Daly]

Deutsche Bank: Opening arguments start Monday. [John Eligon]

Census: Lower than expected growth in NYC. “For many New Yorkers, what seems to be at stake is nothing less than the city’s supersize reputation.” [Javier Hernandez]

Morning Read: Cuomo Sees a 'Transformational' Budget, Others See 'Pandemonium'