Morning Read: Cuomo Tries to Budget, Chris Lee Offers Refunds

Cops: Two died in separate accidents. [WSJ]

Cops: Suspect pushed an officer over the railing of steps in a Brooklyn brownstone. [City Room]

Cops: MTA officer mistakenly fired a shot at a fellow officer. [AP]

Teacher Accountability: Jeff Klein talks to 60 Minutes. [CBS] Albany Ethics: “Moreland Act investigation could result in honest legislators’ being treated like criminals” [Micah Kellner]

Albany Ethics: “A senior administration official” says in a “wide-ranging interview” that lobbying groups should disclose their income sources. [Ken Lovett]

Cuomo’s Budget: Dems revolting, pushing for higher taxes and removing cap on medical damages. [Jacob Gershman]

Mandate Relief: Coming along, slowly. [Thomas Kaplan]

Bloomberg’s Legacy: He’s a long-term planner; bike lanes area good thing. [Adam Lisberg]

Waterfronts: Long-range planning from Michael Bloomberg and the City Council. [NY Times]

Elections: Incumbents aren’t changing laws to make races easier for challengers. [Celeste Katz]

Bikes: Rep. Weiner’s spokesman is no longer trying to explain his boss’s position. [David Seifman]

Parks: City and contractor fighting over who pays to fix a “sinking” park. [Rich Calder]

Labor: Editors dismiss John Liu’s report as “speculative propaganda cloaked as hard economic analysis. [Daily News]

Defining Cuomo: “These final days leading up to the budget are going to define Gov. Cuomo’s entire term in office, and I can assure you he’s not going to sit back and let himself be defined by a spendthrift, dysfunctional, scandal-scarred, national embarrassment of a Legislature.” [Fred Dicker]

Duos: Republican State Senate Leader “in sync” with Dem Governor Cuomo. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Vito Lopez: Three senior centers connected to him are slated to close. [Aaron Short]

Debt: Carl Paladino’s campaign owes $130,000. [James Heaney]

Refunds: Chris Lee returns money to donors and apologies, via email. [Jerry Zremski]

Freshman: Council Wills is on a $100-a-week budget, has 2 cell phones and introducing his first bill this week. [Javier Hernandez]

Housing: Assembly Speaker wants to declare a state of emergency. [Erin Einhorn]

Investigations: AG Schneiderman looking at Assemblywoman Huntley. [NY Post]

Investigation: Group homes run with little oversight. [Danny Hakim]

FOIL: Why Bill Mahoney is charged for paper copies of records, when they’re available electronically? [Jimmy Vielkind]

Media: “[E]ven without all its missteps, NPR would be looking down a gun barrel.” [David Carr]

Morning Read: Cuomo Tries to Budget, Chris Lee Offers Refunds