Morning Read: Cuomo's Tentative Budget, Schumer's Quiet Bike Lanes

Obama in Harlem: Important symbolism. [Celeste Katz]

State Budget: Cuts overall spending by 2 percent, caps education and medicaid growth by 4 percent. [Brendan Scott]

State Budget: Achieved by threatening to use budget extenders. [Nick Confessore and Thomas Kaplan]

State Budget: “Revolutions in the Middle East and a nuclear tragedy in the Far East have gobbled up media space that in normal years would have been devoted to exploring how Cuomo’s budget cuts could hurt senior citizens and poor kids.” [Chris Smith]

State Budget: “The budget doesn’t contain any caps on local property taxes, a key campaign promise of the governor’s.” [Jacob Gershman]

State Budget: “Cuomo got almost everything he sought in the budget and a boost for any 2016 presidential aspirations he might harbor.” [Ken Lovett]

State Budget: “The final budget still cuts New York City more than ever before,” said Bloomberg. [Ken Lovett and Glenn Blain]

State Budget: “Senate Republicans, meanwhile, plan to kill stronger rent protections for New York City tenants and, in the process, deep-six Cuomo’s proposed cap on runaway suburban property taxes, key insiders predict.” [Fred Dicker]

State Budget: “The budget agreed to by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the leaders of the state Legislature would restore $272 million – or about 18 percent – of the $1.5 billion in education-related cuts that Cuomo proposed in his budget, according to the governor’s office.” [Michael Gormley]

State Budget: “Democrats beat back the governor’s call to cap medical malpractice awards.” [Yancey Roy]

State Budget: “The plan also gives Cuomo sole discretion to decide which of the state’s prisons to close.” [Teri Weaver]

State Budget: “More precise information will not emerge until the thousands of pages of budget bills are made public this week.” [Tom Precious]

Census: Bloomberg to file a formal complaint. [Sumathi Reddy]

Dead Voters: Makes it harder to get on the ballot. [Tom Wrobleski]

Bike Lanes: Not something Schumer wants to talk about. [Ashley Parker] Morning Read: Cuomo's Tentative Budget, Schumer's Quiet Bike Lanes