Morning Read: Obama Campaigns, Bloomberg Campaigns, Wolfson Campaigns


Prison: Republican Rep. Michael Grimm says convicted spy Jonathan Pollard should finally be released so he can go home to Israel. [Vos iz Neias]

Obama: $1.5 million raised in Harlem. [Jonathan Lemire and Bill Hutchinson]

Obama: “In the days preceding Mr. Obama’s visit, the news that he would come to Harlem created some debate over the appropriateness of doing so for a high-dollar fund-raiser when the community, for all of its gentrification, is still home to pockets of poverty, illegal drugs and other social ills. But party officials said Mr. Obama had also been criticized in the past for raising money in other parts of Manhattan instead of doing so in Harlem.” [Jackie Calmes]

City Budget: Bloomberg sending direct mail. [Maggie Haberman]

Bike Lanes: Wolfson leads the campaigns to keep them. [Michael Grynbaum]

Parking Tickets: Weiner racked up $2,000 worth in DC, in part, aides say, because notices were sent to the wrong address. [Richard Sisk]

Taxis: Some in NY may violate Americans with Disabilities Act, says Micah Kellner. [WSJ]

Graduation Rates: Lower than reported, says John Liu in a new audit. [Sharon Otterman]

State Budget: Bills were printed, debated and voted on, in one day, each with a “message of necessity.” [Jimmy Vielkind]

State Budget: Needs to pass before 12:01 a.m. Friday to be considered early. [Brendan Scott]

State Budget: “Still unknown is are how much individual school districts will receive from a budget that cuts their aid by about $1.3 billion or and a final Medicaid spending bill.” [Tom Precious]

State Budget: ” I think he gets a lot of deference because it just doesn’t look as extreme,” said Mike Oliva. [Sarah Kramer]

Praise: Ed Rollins says Cuomo is the “most significant Democrat in the country except the president.” [Capital Tonight]

John Liu: In a chefs outfit, dishing out food [Youtube]

Inner Circle: Real Bloomberg meets fake Bloomberg. [Jill Colvin]

  Morning Read: Obama Campaigns, Bloomberg Campaigns, Wolfson Campaigns