Morning Read: Obama Explains Libya, Dicker Explains Cuomo

Libya: Obama declared mission accomplished. [Richard Sisk and Helen Kennedy]

Libya: Obama’s speech. [WSJ]

Libya: “He declined to label the U.S.-led military campaign as a “war,” but made an expansive case for why he believed it was in the national interest of the United States and allies to use force.” [AP]

Libya: Obama didn’t say when we’re leaving. [Marc Ambinder]

Libya: “[M]ade clear that he would rely on political, financial and other pressures—not military force—to drive him out.” [WSJ]

Libya: “Presidents get more credit for stopping atrocities after they begin than for preventing them before they get out of hand.” [Tom Malinowski]

Libya: “He was making this mission more like a ’90s-style intervention than an indeologically motivated lengthy misadventure.” [Alex Pareene]

Geraldine Ferraro: “[M]any of us…expected better.” [Ta-Nehisi Coates]

State Budget: How Cuomo won. [Fred Dicker]

State Budget: “Mr. Silver suddenly finds himself diminished, leading a depleted Democratic caucus that is more politically isolated than at any time in years. And he has found himself in the formidable shadow of Mr. Cuomo, the freshman Democratic governor who has reinvigorated an office already vested with considerable powers.” [Nick Confessore]

State Budget: Legislators keep “two pots of pork money Gov. Andrew Cuomo had sought to divert to other uses.” [Jimmy Vielkind]

State Budget: Bloomberg doesn’t like it. [Dave Evans]

State Budget: “Unleashing a lengthy critique of the emerging budget, Mr. Bloomberg described Mr. Cuomo’s deal as an inequitable and half-baked attempt to deal with fiscal strain.” [Jacob Gershman]

State Budget: More Cuomo and Bloomberg sparring. [Glenn Blain and Erin Einhorn]

State Budget: “Cuomo told Mayor Bloomberg to quit his whining.” [Brendan Scott and David Seifman]

Independence Party: In Rockland County, they failed to file financial disclosure reports and are facing $4,000 in fines. [Laura Incalcaterra]

Morning Read: Obama Explains Libya, Dicker Explains Cuomo