Morning Read: Questioning the Fight in Libya, Wrestling for Money in Albany

Libya: “United States is moving swiftly to hand command to allies in Europe, American officials said.” [NY Times]

Libya: Editors question leadership and “objective” of the mission there. [NY Times]

Libya: “[T]he nations have not really defined what they hope to achieve.” [David Brooks]

Libya: Editors say critic Rep. Nadler has a point. [NY Post]

Ground Zero: Clyde Haberman links lawsuit against Islamic Center to Jerry Falwell. [NY Times]

Nuclear: Indian Point official “reassured the legislators that Indian Point had been designed to withstand an earthquake much stronger than any on record in the region, though not one as powerful as the quake that rocked Japan.” [Patrick McGeehan]

2012: Pawlenty “needs to demonstrate to the chattering class of opinion makers that he’s a top-tier candidate” says editor of Rothen Political Report. [Bill Salisbury]

2012: Blind item says Trump decides by June. [Page Six]

Same-Sex Marriage: “The hope is Cuomo can get one GOPer to speak in favor of gay marriage to help break the logjam – and build momentum.” [Adam Lisberg and Ken Lovett]

State Budget: Should Cuomo control $130 million in economic development funds? If so, it’s “another diminution of legislative prerogative.” [Jimmy Vielkind]

State Budget: Forcing legislature to pass budget piecemeal could hurt governor’s relationship with legislature; passing bad budget would be worse. [Bill Hammond]

City Budget: Top aide misspoke; Bloomberg still opposes millionaire’s tax. [Sally Goldenberg]

LIFO: Union ad links Bloomberg to “extremists like the governor of Wisconsin.” [Carl Campanile]

NYC Schools: City plans to build 26 schools, down from 56. [Sharon Otterman]

NYC Schools: Paperwork delay slows funds for some schools. [Yoav Gonen]

Carl Kruger: Developer linked to tainted Senator removed from project. [Rich Calder]

Kevin Parker: “Slap on the wrist.” [NY Post]

Kevin Parker: GOP colleague says chamber should consider removing him. [William Gorta & Brendan Scott]

Nassau Budget: Not leaking details of Mangano’s revised budget, due at 5 p.m. [Sid cassese]

Oyster Bay Police: Very expensive, very Republican.[Paul LaRocco]

Scandals: Editors want Attorney General Schneiderman to probe Council members who got tax breaks for “primary residence” dwellings outside their district. [Daily News]

Drugs: John Flanagan wants to ban something Miley Cyrus smoked. [Glenn Blain]

Albany Arts: Cut in state funds forces 33-year-old iconic Egg art center to hold first ever fund-raiser. [Tom Keyser]

Media: Car deal helps readers circumvent paywall. [Email]

Embarrassments: “The unstated message of Fountain Day has always been an official endorsement of the binge drinking the event has always symbolized. The university might just as well hang up a sign that says, “It’s spring; drink up and jump in.” [Times Union] Morning Read: Questioning the Fight in Libya, Wrestling for Money in Albany