Mounting Rushmore: Insurance Big Shot Buys Upstairs from A-Rod

The Rushmore has been a hot commodity of late, attracting the likes of Alex Rodriguez, Robin Williams and violinist Pinkus Zuckerman. Should any of them need homeowners’ insurance, they could turn to Domingo Amaro Rangel, who is no relation to our city’s most corruptible congressman but does run one of the largest insurance concerns in Venezuala, Seguras Altamira.

Mr. Rangel just purchased one of two remaining penthouses in the Extell-developed Rushmore—there were initially 10 on the market, StreetEasy shows, two in each tower—for $6 million, according to city records. Two floors down from the top of the complex’s south tower, the five-bedroom had been asking $6.21 million since November.

The apartment was purchased by Clear Riverside LLC, but a $2.34 mortgage lists Mr. Rangel as the sole operator in this concern.

The new Rangel roost—records show another in Miami—covers a whopping 3,072 square feet with 360-degree views around the slender glass structure. It is 15 percent smaller than Mr. Rodriguez’ bullpen but five floors higher and thus $500,000 more. A swelling great room occupies the southwest corner of the condo, with full Hudson views. Five bedrooms and five baths ring the other side of the spread.

The building is still far from the hype of other boldface Upper West Side buildings, like the Time Warner Center, Trump International and 15 Central Park West, which Mr. Rodriguez recently left and where William Lie Zeckendorf’s penthouse set a per-square-foot record five times that of Mr. Rangel’s new roost—Mr. Rangel’s Rushmore penthouse went for $1,953, by comparison. Yet it has also seen quite the reversal from the time when it was best known for typographical lawsuits

The Rushmore is also outselling its predecessors along Riverside South, which must have Extell chief Gary Barnett excited about the prospects of his recently completed Aldyn and the massive Riverside South, a five-tower complex that is poised to begin construction after being approved by the City Council in the fall.

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Mounting Rushmore: Insurance Big Shot Buys Upstairs from A-Rod