Murray Calls it for Dems

In his new column, Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray calls this year’s redistricting process for the Democrats.

Murray writes that redistricting commission 11th member Alan Rosenthal didn’t go so far as to say the Democratic map will win, but the parameters Rosenthal outlined at last Thursday’s apportionment commission hearing point to a map that preserves 22 senate seats for the Democrats.

Check out Murray’s column here.

Last week, PolitickerNJ reported that Democrats had started an early celebration after Rosenthal issued a memo outlining his criteria for a “fair” map.  As Murray does in his column, Democratic sources said maps created using Rosenthal’s criteria all came up blue.

Republicans have denied that Rosenthal is leaning left in his fairness assessment and we likley won’t know the official outcome for another two weeks.  Rosenthal has until April 4th to come up with the map that will govern the legislature for the next decade.

Murray Calls it for Dems