New Work City Hosts Fake Start-Up Party for Color, to Include Demo


New Work City

New Work City’s Tony Bacigalupo and Sara Chipps won the internet yesterday with their fake slide decks for the $41 million mobile social photo sharing app Color. The decks were circulated around the New York City tech Twitters and then made their way to Hacker News and then to TechCrunch; the team at Color even gamely retweeted it.

But NWC’s not done yet. The joke continues with a real party for the fake, Color’s brutally honest alter-ego, which already dropped an Android app, (which is easier to find in the app store than the real thing and has 5/5 stars compared to the real app’s 1.5/5 stars). Launch Party at New Work City

Colors. People love that shit.

Join us as we celebrate the launch of everyone’s favorite mobile social local app that lets you share your favorite color with your friends and locquaintances!

Come dressed in your favorite color!

“The best part is that we’ll be doing a big experiment in seeing what happens when a bunch of people use Color (the real app) at the same time,” Mr. Bacigalupo said in an email. They’re also promising karaoke.

The Color decks have gotten NWC a ton of free publicity. “I sadly couldn’t get Google Analytics working on my Google Docs, because it’s painful,” Mr. Bacigalupo said. But he did offer a few stats: the original shortened link has gotten 2,978 clicks so far and got 2,406 unique visitors and 4,269 pageviews, double the previous record which was on the day both NPR and The Wall Street Journal ran stories.

“It was a big day,” he wrote, with a :). The NWC team has some more analytics from Twitter that they may release today.

UPDATE: There have been 880 tweets with the string “,” and that’s just a fraction of the total tweets about the decks. Those 880 tweets amount to 3,467,818 total “follower impressions,” NWC said.

New Work City Hosts Fake Start-Up Party for Color, to Include Demo