New Yorker Geo-Hacks Hot New App, Color

Veracode chief technology officer Chris Wysopal is based in New York, but yesterday he spent some time in Boston and Palto Alto, at least as far the much hyped new app Color was concerned.

Using a program called Fakelocation, Wysopal was able to spoof the Color app into believing he was in whatever city he chose. Since Color shares photos between users within close proximity, Wysopal was able to browse the photos of Color founder Bill Nyugen hanging around his California office, according to Andy Greenberg at Forbes.

The folks at Color didn’t seem to mind. “It is all public, and we’ve been very clear about that from the very beginning,” spokesman John Kuch told Greenberg. “Within the app, there’s already functionality to look through the entire social graph. Very few people will probably do what you’re saying, but all the pictures, all the comments, all the videos are out there for the public to see.”

The “big idea” behind Color is that people will want to interact around a photo stream defined by their location. One would think that since it claimed to use a wealth of signals to determine where a user was, it wouldn’t have been fooled so easily.

The company had been considering giving users the option to peek at different locations,much as Wysopal did, but only with the permission of other users and only for a limited amount of time. And it seems likely that anyone open to the very public photo sharing inherent to color wouldn’t really be that turned off by user from another area sneeking a look every once in a while.






New Yorker Geo-Hacks Hot New App, Color