Now, Bloomberg Likes Cuomo

One day after expressing his “outrage” at the governor’s proposed cuts to New York City, Mayor Bloomberg said “there’s no fight with the governor.”

Speaking in the Bronx this morning, Bloomberg said he’s “a big supporter of” Cuomo, who “is a doing a great job.”

But Bloomberg, still hoping to get legislative changes approved in Albany that can help the city, added, Cuomo “I think is going to find ways to help us reduce our expenses that don’t cost the state any money.”

Bloomberg said he’s had “long” conversations with the governor, but did not provide more details. Currently, the mayor is seeking to win the right to lay off teachers based on merit, rather than seniority. He’s also looking to gain a greater voice in negotiating with labor unions, who currently deal with state lawmakers on pension issues for which the city picks up the tab.

I asked Bloombrg about the direct mailings he’s begun sending to city residents, defending his proposed budget.

“It’s funny,” Bloomberg said. “Nobody has mentioned to me any of the ads that people have been runing that I think is not exactly representing the real situation. And nobody has mentioned to me the ads where I’ve tried to explain what I think has happened.”

  Now, Bloomberg Likes Cuomo