New York Times Shapeshifting Paywall Now Applies To Bing

Just because The New York Times has been working on their pay system for a really long time and it’s super complicated doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind about stuff at the last second and still get everything totally right, ok guys.

When it was first rolled out, the paywall allowed readers and unlimited number of articles if they arrived from places like Facebook, Twitter or Bing, but limited them to five per day if they came in through Google.

As Alexia Tsotsis first reported yesterday, that NY Times brass took the weekend to think that over before deciding that the five article limit would actually apply to all traffic from search.

For folks keeping score, the Google only limit wasn’t part of some grand strategy. As Martin Nisenholtz told Media Memo, they just saw that Google made this option available and decided to try it out.

It didn’t take long for folks to realize this looked like pretty seriousĀ favoritism, so now readers interested in free articles will have to come through social sites, blogs or use these four lines of code.

New York Times Shapeshifting Paywall Now Applies To Bing