OnSwipe Partners With Automattic to Bring 18 M. Blogs to Tablet

Betabeat first wrote about OnSwipe back when TechStars NY kicked off, and the scrappy startup raised a million bucks on the first day.

It’s a couple weeks till demo day for TechStars NY first class, but OnSwipe is ahead of schedule again, announcing a major partnership today.

The integration with Automattic means all WordPress powered blogs will now be using OnSwipe technology to enable their browsing experience on the iPad.

When we last spoke with founder Jason Baptiste, he emphasized that OnSwipe needed to capture some key writers  in the blogosphere to help spread the word about their product.

Now that OnSwipe will be so ubiquitous, Betabeat wonders if they will still attempt to sell customized packages to individual publishers, or just go after more large publishing platforms like Tumblr.

“We’ve got a five figure backlog of people waiting to try out the service,” says Baptiste. “A lot of the bigger publishers have talked to us about digging down into the CMS to produce custom stuff, so that will still be a premium service we intend to offer.”

Since OnSwipe relies on the web browser and HTML5, it won’t be long before it’s on other tablets as well. For now it gives WordPress bloggers capabilities the bells and whistles people have come to expect from the iPad like rotation and, obviously, swiping.

The less obvious features coming down the pipe are on the social side. “We’re going to bring some stuff out of left field,” says Baptiste. “As the network of Onswipe powered sites grows, we’re looking at ways to make it not just a tools company, but a media one as well.”

  OnSwipe Partners With Automattic to Bring 18 M. Blogs to Tablet