Quijano introduces employee-protection bill

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, (D-20), Union has introduced a bill designed to protect workers from unscrupulous employers and ensure that they are compensated for all wages that are owed.

Quijano said Friday she proposed The Wage Protection Act because, “Wage theft is an insidious problem that affects all professions and communities.”

 “The Wage Protection Act will provide the appropriate channels for employees to seek earned but unpaid wages from their employers. It also imposes strict penalties for employers convicted of wage theft, which is intended to serve more as a deterrent than a punishment.  Bottom line, individuals must be paid properly for their labor.”

Among other things, the bill would mandate that employers face a fine of $1,000 plus 10 percent of wages owed for a first offense; employers will face charges if they attempt retaliation against an employee who files a claim; and employers must pay 100 percent of all wages owed. Quijano introduces employee-protection bill