Quinnipiac: Bloomberg Hits Eight-Year Low

“New York City voters disapprove 51 – 39 percent of the job Mayor Michael Bloomberg is doing, his lowest score since a 51 – 37 percent disapproval November 23, 2003” says Quinnipiac, in a new poll.


“Bloomberg has the lowest score of any citywide elected. Other officials score their highest approval ratings ever:

44 – 16 percent for Public Advocate Bill de Blasio;

54 – 16 percent for City Comptroller John Liu;

55 – 25 percent for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly gets a 67 – 20 percent approval, including 57 – 27 percent among black voters. The new Schools Chancellor, Cathleen Black, gets a negative 17 – 49 percent approval rating, with 34 percent undecided.”

But there is a silver lining for the mayor:

“New York City voters say 72 – 25 percent that where the mayor goes on weekends or vacations is a private matter and the public does not have a right to know. All groups support this opinion by large margins. This is little changed from an 80 – 18 percent finding on this question in a February 4, 2004, Quinnipiac University poll. The media should not follow the mayor and report on his time-off activity, New York City voters say 79 – 17 percent.

“But when the mayor leaves the city, he should have to say who is in charge, voters say 84 – 13 percent. And voters say 72 – 26 percent that the mayor should report the whereabouts of the person left in charge of the city.”

Quinnipiac: Bloomberg Hits Eight-Year Low