Radio Ads Press GOP to Pass Millionaire's Tax

From the Strong Economy for All Coaltion comes this ad, targeting five Republican State Senators, urging them to pass a “millionaire’s tax.” The ad sounds like two rich guys happy that they can spend boatloads of extra money, thanks to opposition to this tax.

The ad does not make any mention of the governor’s opposition to the tax, which is not unimportant.

The five GOP State Senators who’ll hear this ad in their distirct soon, include: Joe Robach in Rochester, Bill Larkin in Cornwall, Steve Saland in Poughkeepsie, Mark Grisanti in Buffalo and Patty Ritchie in Corwall.

Note: The narrator in the Robach, Grisanti and Ritchie ads referr to “downstate millionaires.” The narrator in the Larkin and Saland ads, only referrs to “millionaires.”  

Here’s the video. Script is below:



The script: Two Millionaires” (:60) – Senator Stephen Saland

Two guys with Thurston Howell lockjaw accents. Golf course sounds in the background.

Voice 1: So is Saland with us?

Voice 2. The State Senator? Stephen Saland? Not clear, but looks like it.

Voice 1: Good. We need his vote to end the millionaire’s tax, and give fat cats like us a big break.

Voice 2: Right, Saland is key. With his vote to end the millionaire’s tax, I can buy a new yacht.

Voice 1: And I can buy a new Rolls.

Voice 2: He’ll take care of our buddies on Wall Street too?

Voice 1: I’d hope so – we rich guys have to stick together – or they’ll be expecting us to pay our, er, fair share. (haughty laugh)

Gatsby Music up

Voice 3 (female): Before they get to Senator Stephen Saland, you can give him a call and tell him to keep the millionaire’s tax — instead of cutting funding for children and seniors. Ending the millionaire’s tax would mean a huge new tax break for millionaires, while the rest of us have to sacrifice. Call Senator Stephen Saland now at 518-455-2411. Tell him to stand up to the millionaires.


Radio Ads Press GOP to Pass Millionaire's Tax