Ready to run again, Allen to emphasize fiscal conservatism

TRENTON – State Sen. Diane Allen, (R-7), Edgewater Park, has a primary challenger, but she already crushed Carole Moore at least once and doesn’t appear concerned over being grafted onto the establishment if Moore tries to reinflate last year’s Tea Party message against her.

“I’ve voted against 115 tax increases,” Allen told, first elected to the Senate in 1998. “I didn’t vote for a single one of them.”

Never an easy fold into the Burlington County GOP – and sources say that, as usual, Allen intends to run her own re-election campaign independent of the county organization – the senator attended a presser last month in support of two Democrats’ defection into the arms of the GOP.

“I support any organization that lowers taxes,” she said, referring to the majority Republican freeholder board. “The Republican freeholders have done a wonderful job. The (surrogate and clerk) made the switch not because of party, but because the freeholders are doing a great job.”

Moore says she’s pursuing Allen over disgust with the senator’s aye vote on allocating $7.5 million for women’s healthcare clinics. Allen won’t comment on Moore. She doesn’t yet have a ticket pulled together for her 2011 re-election.

“We don’t know what the district is,” she said. “I’m not privy to what is going on.”

One thing of which the veteran Allen is certain is that she is running again.

Ready to run again, Allen to emphasize fiscal conservatism