Reform Jersey Now files lobbying report

Reform Jersey Now, the controversial shadow PAC formed last year to advocate for Gov. Chris Christie’s tax reform agenda, spent $402,000 on communications in 2010, according to a lobbying report filed with the state.

According to the report, the 501 (c) (4) which boasts a host of Republican luminaries, including two former governors on its board of directors, spent the bulk of the money – $163,000 – on broadcast spots, which includes television and radio ads, and Internet advertising.

An additional $56,000 went to fund print advertising, specifically glossy brochures that targeted individual Democratic lawmakers throughout the state.

The group lists “message development” as its third largest expenditure at $48,000 with media relations coming in next at $43,000.

The report also showed an updated receipt total for the group, that became a lightning rod for Democrats last year, who continually called on Republicans to release a donors list and disband the organization.

The group shows a contribution total of $628,080 for the year, an increase of about $5,000 over the donor list released in December.

Reform Jersey Now files lobbying report