Report: Downstate Could Lose Two Congressional Seats

NYPIRG number-cruncher Bill Mahoney is out with a report this afternoon that shows that, thanks to the dissapointing census showing in New York City, the downstate region is due to lose two congressional seats in the latest round of redistricting. 

The report notes that there was much more proportional growth in the Hudson Valley area, and that four New York City-based congressional districts–those represented by Gregory Meeks, Carolyn Maloney, Yvette Clark and Charlie Rangel–actually lost population, with Clark’s and Rangel’s losing over 10,000 people each.

The report notes that, “Of course, legislative boundaries are not decided simply by the census data. The process is intensely political. Unless reforms are put in place, the process will again be driven by decisions to protect incumbents and to sustain the legislative majorities.”

Most observers have speculated that, with New York bound to lose two congressional seats, the Legislature will pluck one from upstate and another from downstate, a move that would also likely pinch one Republican and one Democrat. If downstate loses both seats, it is possible that the New York congressional delegation could shrink by two Democrats. The only downstate Republican is Peter King, whose district lost population as well.

NYPIRG’s district by district breakdown, including for Assembly and Senate seats, is below.



NYPIRG Census Release

Report: Downstate Could Lose Two Congressional Seats