Residency bill passes Senate

TRENTON – The state Senate approved  a bill requiring all public employees to live in New Jersey.

S1730, which was passed on Monday by a vote of 29-6, originally had a conditional veto placed on it. That was because the Christie Administration felt the three-member panel that would be created to review “hardship requests” would be too small, and would not enable the committee to review all the requests in a timely manner. The administration recommended five persons to serve on the panel.

The residency requirement bill would require all employees to have their primary residence within the Garden State’s borders. The legislation would cover all state, county and local government workers, as well as anyone working for political subdivisions of the state. In addition to those workers, employees of public authorities, boards, agencies and commissions would also be effected, according to the bill.

State college and university employees would also be required to live in the state.

Employees  would not be permitted merely to use an in-state residence as a secondary or part-time residence, the bill states.

Public employees would have a year to relocate New Jersey after starting their public sector job.

Residency bill passes Senate